what we do

Coffee. We work directly with fantastic South American organic coffee producers, they supply us with some of the finest 100% organic arabica coffee there is. We source our coffee specifically to suit our products; eighty20 Blend, eighty20 Single Origin and our range of ready to drink Cold Brew.

Cold Brew. We selected an award winning single origin from the amazing Camocim estate in Brazil. We then roast to a specific level, to produce as much flavour and leave any bitterness behind. Ground and brewed overnight in cold water, the quality of taste is no mistake. New to cold brew? There is no better place to start your addiction. The cold brew veterans will attest to that!

Beans. Only the best 100% organic speciality coffee will do, full of flavour and vital anti-oxidants to keep us energised and healthy.

UK Based. Our coffee is roasted in the UK and our product is brewed and packaged in the UK. We try to use UK wherever possible.

Customer driven. We care what people think about our product, we want people to love drinking eighty20. It is why we create our products, we want the #notformugs movement to grow across the UK.





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